TV Wartburg

TV Wartburg – The smallest mobile outdoor cinema and the most remarkable game station in the Netherlands.

Presenting the smallest mobile outdoor cinema we know. With a screen based out of a 120cm 60s car, TV Wartburg offers a highly original method to promote to or engage with an audience.

Visually striking as a concept – and with its own pop corning machine to add flavour – hire this for film showings or as an entertainment act in its own right. In their own show they present a carefully curated collection of vintage recordings often accompanied by the DJ’s vinyl collection. For children there are the 50s and 60s cartoons for others there is the vintage gaming experience with Pong and Tron in 3D.

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We also play vintage games in 3D. 
All this can take place outdoor and indoor, day or night. 
Besides our own TV program the Wartburg is rentable as an eye-catcher, promotional stunt, information point or as an intimate vintage cinema on location for up to 100 people.

Movies, trailers, photo reports, day programs, we can project all digital files.

The Wartburg own TV program consists 3 possibilities:

1) For children we show the best cartoons from the 50’s and 60’s with free popcorn?

2) For adults, we show the first ever published video clips and recordings from the legendary pop history.
 This combined with spinning vinyl tunes from a trailer.

3) We play with young people and adults the ancient games PONG 1972 and TRON 1982. All in 3D, you just put on your glasses on and you can play.

What makes TV Wartburg so unique? The Wartburg is the smallest Wartburg car in the world: the car is sawn through and narrowed down to 120 cm, it rides on 
batteries and is friendly for the environment and clean.