Lisa Lottie is a highly skilled,world class hula hoop artist.

With a degree in the circus arts and a professional career of global performances, Lisa brings skill, artistry and precision to her world class act.

Incorporating contortion, strength and balance in your choice of highly choreographed shows, all set to specially selected soundtracks, hire this lady to bring the wow to your guests faces. Each showcase builds to a crescendo with up to 6 or 7 hoops in action simultaneously while Lisa controls the physics.

Average running time: 5 mins
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Lisa show options-

LED (Glow) Hoops:

Lisa has teamed up with LA based company SpinFX and is thrilled to announce her use of the beautiful Phoenix Hoops.Custom illuminting colours,patterns and graphics will be explored on stage through uptempo sequences of one up to six hoops manipulated with balances,contortion & strength.

Truly mind-blowing!!


Differente :

Lisa’s signature Hula Hoop act.

Effortless manipulation of one to six hoops whilst smoothly gliding over the stage to the electronic latino sounds of  The Gotan Project.

This is a classic Hula masterpiece that truly lives up to its name.


Slinky Hoops:

A brand new full power hula hoop creation for 2012! Crazily agile, Lisa spins up to seven hula hoops over every imaginable body part, over the floor and in the air. Breathtaking feats of flexibility and dexterity set to a mad surf soundtrack by the Messer Chups. Everything comes together into a visual climax with a hundred hula hoops and a BANG of golden confetti raining onto the stage. This act is gold!!