The Bug Bar

A combination concept involving all the major elements of a good time – great music, quality food and first class drinks. All wrapped up in the compact and bijoux design classic of the VW Camper.

The all-conquering beauty of this idea is its versatility; is it a bar, a cafe or a mobile disco? Or maybe all three. The Bug Bar can be hired out complete with DJs, spectacular soundsystem and eye-
catching light show for a one-stop party vibe creator. And, with all these aspects available, the
Camper is fully adaptable to be bespoke to your needs.

From morning breakfasts and recovery cocktails, through snacks and treats to late night bar services, you can hire this lot out to provide all that you need, when you need it.

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The Bug bar can also be used for product launches and promotions with your companies logo prominently displayed on the inside of the pop up roof.