Candy Queens

These sweet, sweet girls have updated the age old carnival tradition of spinning sugar strands to make a unique addition to your special occasion.

Multi coloured, glittering, shimmering and even
flourescent, these Candy Queens can colour co-ordinate everything to match your event, brand colours or wedding flowers.

It’s an addition to any party that will usher in purrs of delight from all your sweet toothed guests with all manner of exotic flavours and terrific toppings. The Candy Queens are always experimenting to bring a unique edge to this traditional, and tasty, art.

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Glittery Candy Floss and Toppings:
The addition of edible glitter sets our candy floss apart from the rest! Get creative and choose from iridescent, shimmery, fluoro or metallic glitter. White candy floss looks great with silver glitter, pink candy floss looks amazing with pale pink shimmer and blue floss looks fabulous with blue metallic glitter – try your own combinations.

Candy Queens have the unique and original addition of toppings for your candy floss. Ask us about the best and tastiest toppings for your event.

Our favourites include:
Flake, Rainbow Drops, popping candy, coconut, mini marshmallows, bespoke sugars and natural flavours.

If you are looking for something truly out of the ordinary, we can supply bespoke candy floss made using natural flavourings and your choice of sugar. For standard candy floss we use British beet sugar, but we are happy to source your choice of organic or fairtrade, British or specialist sugar.

Favourite flavours have been:
natural vanilla pod, lemon meringue, coconut, turkish delight and we are currently experimenting with more.