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As you can see from our roster of experienced performers and producers, we at JenTheRoo are superbly placed to offer the full production service that your event might require.

Like strong paracetamol we are here to remove the headaches associated with realising your dream event. You decide the specifications and the budget and we bring the ideas to fulfilment. Always remember that we will work with you as well as for you.

We are able to accurately bring your specific, detailed plans into reality, or provide the experienced practical knowledge to produce events from the smallest and most general guidelines. It’s not just our contortionists that are flexible, we’ve done it all, from raves to Royal weddings.

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The comprehensive in-house design and build of these analogue systems gives you solid, immersive bass, warm midrange and a scintillating hi end. The accuracy of reproduction lends itself perfectly to any music situation. They never fail to impress, and the understated appearance of the speakers ensures that they never look out of place. It is the first choice for any performer or audience that is serious about quality.

Wherever we can, we reduce your impact on the environment: through use of recyclable materials, low powered lighting and solar power.

We also have the less glamorous stuff covered (health and safety, security and public liability insurance).


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