Human Statues

Lord & Lady Bloom

Lord and Lady Bloom human statues

Human Statue/visual walkabout. This stunningly floral themed act contains over 2000 flowers giving it a vibrant & outstanding look.

This non-verbal act can work as beautiful human statues or as a gentle meandering walkabout creating multiple photo opportunities for your guests.


pamela living human statues-1

These amazing Human Statues by Pamela have been amazing audiences worldwide for over 18 years, and from the most experienced Living Statue company in the U.K. These beautiful Live Statues are a great form of entertainment at any event. Your guests will get the surprise of their lives when these stone statues suddenly wink or tap them on the shoulder!

We have a vast range of Living Statues available to suit most themes. Bespoke statues can be created to fit individual requirements.

Dare Statues

human statue performer dare

Dare present their beautiful acrobatic statues for ambient entertainment during an event. Up on their 1m high plinth Dare are motionless, frozen into statues.

Displaying their art of stillness upon a 1 metre high plinth, these installations gradually evolve their statues during their show.

Mr Maverick

human statue performer mannequins

Jason is a multi-skilled entertainer based in London.
A mime artist and contact juggling specialist, he zigzags between corporate entertainment and street theatre events.

Equally at home as a corporate entertainer or street style performer, Mr Maverick has an array of statues that have even beguiled the Royal family at some of the Queen’s parties.

Whispering Trees Statues

human statue whispering trees

Brilliant either side of an entrance, watch the queue jump!

For an extra special queue stress buster, hire two trees to entertain the waiting people.

The Living Archway

decor living archway

A Human statue installation incorporating two girls seemingly floating in mid air.

A more than memorable addition to your event décor, this installation creates a celestial ‘floating’ archway suspended from a dressed steel frame.


human-statue-performer mermaid

Human statues in any design. Ideally placed at the entrance of a venue / room, realistic living statues will remain motionless through all distractions – until they shockingly come to life!

Commissions are readily accepted, meaning your statue can be exclusively tailored or branded.