We would be hard-pushed to list all of our clients that we have worked closely with, so here are the highlights and the capacity in which they used our company.


Ellen Kent Opera and Ballet International:
fire performance

Paralympic Closing Ceremony
Choreographed stilt walking performance with Coldplay

Sheikh Zayed for the Televised UAE 40th anniversary celebrations:
choreographed performance

Cirque Du Soleil:
human statues

Grand Prix:
stilt performance

Cadillac Escalade Launch:
stilt and fire performance

NNF International Festival:
catering, stilt performance, DJ’s and walkabout,

(South Korea)
Circle Club:
spark, fire and stilt performance

Crockfords Casino:
magicians,contortionist, tea dance

Boots Company PLC:
clowns, walkabout, promotional

Sky TV (One/Living):
various performances (also published in OK magazine)

Circus Of Horrors:
various performance

Channel 4:
various performances

Hedonism Resorts:
various performances

Performances for Gods Kitchen including Poland, Ukraine Russia, Egypt, UAE

Hilton Hotels:
various performances

Devere Hotels:
various performances

Dubai International Shopping Festival:
bespoke stilt performance and costumery