bg-christmasIn the Santa Series, we can offer you a Jolly Santa, Jenny Clause or Festive Elves as either a walk-about or stiltwalking Christmas entertainers.

Fantastic feature characters and impressive group piece for Christmas themed events and openings. Alternatively as a more static focal piece; we can offer the Santa Statue, a Majestic and warm character to stand amongst your Celebrations, surprising passers by in Delight when our performer let’s out a mighty “Ho Ho Ho!”

In addition to the Santa Series we have our Festive Treats; a selection of easily recognisable, fun, brightly coloured favourites, sure to bring out the Childhood nostalgia in the greatest of Scrooges. Stilt-Walking CandyCanes & Nutcrackers, Roller-Puds & Acrobatic Elves Galore can be used as an Exciting alternative or addition to the traditional theme.

In our Winter Wonderland Series; we have the Winter Wizard & the Swarovski Snow Queens taking a regal presiding over the Events, illuminating the dark Winter nights.Our inflatable Snowman statue can be placed in a static location, with a performer hidden inside to Amaze unsuspecting passers by, along with our Walkabout Trees and Mesmerising Ice Crystal-Ball Handlers to interact with the crowds.

For a show stopping Entrance to your Event, be sure to check out our Winter themed interactive Archways. Welcoming your Guests through the Decorative Winter bows, our Beautiful Seasonal Nymphs sprinkle passers by with a light dusting of snow as they Enter the Celebrations.

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