Alice in Wonderland

alice in wonderland theme themed entertainment

The fabulous Alice in Wonderland!

One of our most popular in house creations to date!!

We will make your Alice in Wonderland themed party a special occasion and one to remember with our great acts.

We can provide you with everything to engage everyone at your event with our expertly costumed group of stilted and non-stilted or even roller skating, versions of some of the classic storybook characters.

Our friendly and mesmerising entertainers will dazzle you and your guests, bringing to your party all the fun and spice that a Alice in Wonderland party should have.

Enduring favourites at all kinds of events, we have the maddest of Hatters and the evilest of Queens, we have a frantically late White Rabbit and a curiously adventurous Alice. Don’t let any of them near the cake though.

Why not have your guests greeted personally by Alice on Stilts or skates or even our very own cheeky Cheshire Cat hanging in her aerial hoop!

Let us embellish your event with our superb Alice in Wonderland decor. We have DJ’s, compères, cover bands too and lots more beside to make your Alice event captivating and complete.

So why not give us a call on 07885 409828 or click below to contact us for more info!

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