The Mad Hatter

The endearing Easter Bunny is chaperoned by a friendly but slightly bonkers character …The Mad Hatter…who is also a hugely experienced children’s entertainer.

They are auditioning for trainee Easter bunnies(for the little ones). Try on bunny ears, practise hopping…and do you want to take a photo with the bunny?
A meeting sure to induce smiles and Easter cheer.
Classical spring music accompanies the pair wherever they go!

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“Amazing; thats mesmerising” Jane Asher

“Exellent mate; do come on the show” Chris Evans

“Thats so cool; can I take you home with me” Stacey Soloman

“Thank were fabulous” Olivier Harrison

“You were superb” Joanna Lumley

“The Queen enjoyed herself immensely’. Thank you so much for your wonderful work.” Lady Elizabeth Anson