The Top Bananas

We are a group of stilt-walking musicians who have brought all of our experience in performing as part of other companies into our own stilt walking band.

When was the last time you saw a band on stilts? Exactly! Well we have one here for you. This band performs a fun selection of classic party tunes – funk, ska, rock & roll and disco – in a wide variety of costumes.

A self-contained act that are equally at home on stage or roaming free amongst the crowd, they feature an oil-can guitar, harmony vocals, a horn section and a rhythm section. With all their years of experience playing live music, this group decided to take it to a higher level.

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Jazz, Funk, Rock’n’Roll, Disco & Ska Classics all get The Top Bananas treatment

Our musicians have many years of professional and international live music and stilt experience at all kinds of festivals, events and openings

Five-piece band of harmony vocals, oil-can guitar, horns, bass instrument & percussion (with smaller groupings available)

Self-contained, electro-acoustic (no PA required)

Outdoor or indoor, walkabout or stage

MU/Equity members

Public liability insured