Roller Skating Acts

The Rollababes

the rolla babes skate act rollababes

The amazing Rollababes can meet, greet and even waitress too.

They can serve champagne on skates or thrill your guests as the up the vibe of your party or event! Professional dancers on skates – They dance, play, roll around and entertain your guests.

Fresh ‘n’ Fancy

fresh n fancy skating act

Fresh ‘n’ fancy roller skaters bring a touch of class to any event.

Perfect for festive or 50’s themed events.By night their beautiful ornate headpieces and dresses light up.

2 Phat Chicks

Rollers skateing 2Phat Chicks act

Nothing says Easter more than the Chick.
So, we have two of them on LED Roller skates!

Accompanied by old skool choonz to add to the Phat-ness.
We can assure you there will be smiles all round when these two fly by!

The Skating Aratas

roller act Skating Aratas

The Skating Aratas act is performed by wife and husband duo Victor and Jenny Arata, the acrobatic skating routine is on a custom made 2×2 meter round platform.

A husband and wife duo with at least 18 years intense training and experience, this show is about velocity precision and trick s that make you go wow.

Meddling Roller Girls

meddling roller girls act

High energy acrobatic and filled with glamour, these girls on wheels will provide a racy and rare boost to any promotional or corporate event

For energetic and fun filled entertainment on wheels, these girls are a must to hire. Bright costumes and whirring skates speed amongst the crowd leaving a trial of smiles in their wake.

Candy Roller Girls

candy roller girls

Sassy girls with smiles and twirls, sweetness and spice, to amuse and delight.

Vivid coloured costumes blur past, all spinning swirls and leaping legs. Light hearted and interactive, the Candy Roller Girls are able to bring sweetness, spice and sass in the required doses, whatever the event.