Walkabout / Street Theatre

The Mad Hatter

mat hatter easter bunny walkabout act

The endearing Easter Bunny is chaperoned by a friendly but slightly bonkers character …The Mad Hatter…who is also a hugely experienced children’s entertainer.

They are auditioning for trainee Easter bunnies(for the little ones). Try on bunny ears, practise hopping…and do you want to take a photo with the bunny?
A meeting sure to induce smiles and Easter cheer.
Classical spring music accompanies the pair wherever they go!

Alice In Wonderland

Alice-In-Wonderland walkabout act

One of our most popular in house creations to date.Alice In Wonderland!

Engage your crowd by hiring this expertly costumed group of stilted, and non-stilted, versions of some of the classic storybook characters.

Love Hearts

love hearts walkabout act

Such loveable love hearts! You wont be able to resist falling in love with this act

Perfect for meeting and greeting with warm fluffy hugs or bouncing about with joy & happiness.
The love hearts are highly interactive and ideal for any Valentines event

There are six hearts available with the option of being able to customise for different themes.

The Gift

the gift walkabout theatre act

The cheeky gift brings smiles to all she meets. Ideal for Valentines day, Christmas or any event that needs touch of sparkle. She even has her own themed music to suit the occasion!

Book the gift today and bring some great fun to your event

Sea Sphere

Sea Sphere walkabout show act

Beauty and enchantment surround her as she glides around you, sheltered safely in her giant globe.

Released from the sea only long enough to bring smiles to the faces lucky enough to look upon hers.
Stand captivated when her globe traverses the space, mesmerizing the young and old alike with her undersea performance, complete with dancing seaweed and other creatures of the beautiful deep.
She flaps her tail and encourages her audience to interact with her, to push the big red button on her globe, releasing a spectacle and making the seaweed sway around her.

The Gangsters

gangstas walkabout 1920s act

The Gangsters 1920s ride around in a miniature gangster car playing saxophone, Jazz and trying to be cool.

Every now and then they park up and interact with the audience with circus tricks and amazing juggling skills with bottles, suitcases, chairs and juggling clubs. They even perform some swing dancing with unsuspecting members of the audience.

Living Snow Globe

christmas snow globe walkabout act

Ethereal and magical, the Snow Queen in her snow globe enchants and mesmerizes as she mingles with guests of all ages.

Gliding gracefully through events, she creates her special brand of magic and with it, lasting memories. She encourages all those who gaze upon her to interact with her, be it a glance and a smile, a simple wave or an intimate touch of her ivory hand through her beautiful globe. A simple press of the big, beckoning red button by any curious spectator, fills her world with a spectacular blizzard of snow.

Claude the Comedy Waiter

claude waiter walkabout act

Claude is the idiot waiter who never gets it right!

This character bumbles and fumbles his way around the event as an idiot waiter who never gets it right! At first he will wait for the orders to be placed before unleashing the full Claude mania. Like any other customer service professional he will meet, greet and seat his customers, take orders and attend to their every need.

T.V. Heads

multi media performers tv heads

Bizarre walkabout characters; part man, part telly. Funny thing is, thanks to a camera mounted on the TV, what you see on-screen is yourself – alternating with a video of your choice.

Very puzzling indeed. These avant garde, slightly camp gentlemen make an excellent alternative walkabout for those seeking instant TV stardom. Costumes can be themed accordingly – ie. Zombies playing Horror films.

Flesh Zombies & B-Movie Mummies

flesh zombies walkabout act

Mummies. Straight out of a B-Movie and direct to your A-list event. A truly rotten band of bound bodies.

Having risen from their ancient grave this band of rotten relics are ready to wreak havoc at your event. Hire these B-Movie Mummies and they even come complete with their set of instruments, each as fully bandaged as the mummies. Watch as they begin their own special brand of demonic dancing; eyes glowing red and back from the dead.

The Famous Rubber Band Boy

rubber-band-boy walkabout act

Introducing the freak-liest boy in show business “The Famous Rubberband Boy”. So funny he should have been twins!

Truly unique and a master in his field, the Famous Ruberband Boy is available to hire as entertainment at your party. Operating in the world of rubberband-ology, Shay Horay contorts his face through a series of mutations using our favourite stationery item.

Mr Flanagan

mr flanagan walkabout act

Acrobat extroadinaire , Mr Flanagan has performed with circus oz , the tom tom club amongst many others , his latest creation of high skill meets classic slapstick a la Norman Wisdom.

Bringing an engaging comedy element to his highly skilled acrobatic act, Mr Flanagan has performed his feats of strength, balance and falling over worldwide to great acclaim.

Mr Jones

mr jones walkabout act

The Plastic Fantastic Show. This daring up-grade of the classic escape show will enthral and amaze.

Known far and wide for his claustrophobic Plastic Fantastic Show, Mr Jones has used up literally miles and miles of cling film in pursuit of the oohs and aahs from crowds of amazed onlookers. It’s a modern world update of the classic escapology routine that uses 100 metres of the clear and clingy food wrapping product where Gareth requires audience participation to break free.

Oz Star Airlines

Oz Star Airlines walkabout

Come fly with us on OzStar Airlines presenting First Class In-flight Entertainment

An adaptable street theatre act, Stacey and Tracey offer the finest in skilled inflight entertainment of the type you will never see as you depart for your holidays. Please fasten your seatbelts, place your tray tables in an upright position and prepare for take-off with this high-flying comedic duo.


reuben walkabout act

Reuben is a top class ex Cirque du Soleil acrobat whose love of street performing took him back to the hallowed concrete. He defies gravity and death with acrobatic stunts and balances you need to see to believe.

Now firmly established back in the world of street theatre after touring globally with Cirque du Soleil, Reuben has a show to astound your crowd.

Stretchy Bags

stretchy bags walkabout act

The highly amusing and strange Stretchy Bags.

Fully grown, human sized ‘bags’ with people inside will bring curiosity and high grade humour to your event.

Whispering Trees Walkabout

whispering trees walkabout act

Fabulous walkabout act!
Our Whispering Trees are also Brilliant either side of an entrance, watch the queue jump!

For an extra special queue stress buster, hire two trees to entertain the waiting people. Interactive and full of surprises, this is a unique act that is obviously highly in demand towards Christmas time when they dress up in twinkling lights.

Mad’s Army

mads army walkabout act

This troupe of dog-eared civilian rejects have banded together to defend anywhere against anyone, commanded by an idiot and trained by monkeys, this motley crew will bring a smile to the face of the enemy or anyone watching their feeble attempts to guard against surprise attack.

Can be deployed to defend absolutely anything against the imminent attack of anything else – rest assured that if you don’t tell them what to defend they will simply find something worth defending.

Formula F-un

formula f-un walkabout act

Take a pit stop for pleasure.

A uniformed team of expert life mechanics encourage passers-by to benefit from a personal pit-stop breaking the ice at any event.

Witless Fitness Team

witles fitness walkabout act

Led by a madcap personal trainer these 3 physios/coaches are on a mission to raise the UK’s fitness levels.

This team of personal life coaches are hired to mingle, on a madcap mission to involve the watching crowd in some level of exercise.