Jo Foley

jo foley broken doll contortionist

Jo also has a number of floor-based talents. She is an extremely flexible artist with a background in gymnastics and a high quality stage presence. She combines these skills to create breath-taking contortion acts.

Jo bends and twist her body into eye-popping positions and sure to add the wow factor to any event. She even has a stunning centre piece chandelier table that will bring glitz and glamour to your event – Check out the video below.


contortionist act delia

Delia is one of Britain’s top contortionists, receiving national television and press coverage, working throughout the UK and Worldwide.

Delia performs the act “Jewel” with her cousin “Daniela Zocchi”. They have been training and working together since the ages of five and six


contortionist act jess and jen

Jennifer is one of the most flexible contortionists in the UK. She performs the most extreme and amazing backbends which very few other british contortionists are able to achieve.

This is a lady that travels the world to bend over backwards and is regarded as one of the most flexible contortionists in the UK.


contortionist act lisa

Comedy Contortion: Enjoy watching Lisa tie herself in knots! She squeezes herself through a mini hula hoop, 12 inches of cold hard steel, in the most ridiculous ways possible!

A lady who specialises in contortion with a comedy twist, she bends herself in half to squeeze through spaces she has no right to get through.

Average running time: 3.30 mins