Hula Acts

Miss Revolver

hula hoop act chichi revolver

The latest craze and we have the very best working at the moment, available for stage show and walkabout, this is a great party act perfect for most celebrations, we can also offer fun workshops.

By perfectly combining the worlds of circus, cabaret and burlesque, this act has a show for every occasion – from the family friendly to the fairly fruity.


hula hoop act lisa

Lisa Lottie is a highly skilled,world class hula hoop artist.

With a degree in the circus arts and a professional career of global performances, Lisa brings skill, artistry and precision to her world class act.

Average running time: 5 mins


hula hoop act lilikoi

Minnie the Moocher- This hula-hoops routine creates the mood of early burlesque traditions with a modern edge.

Bringing the age old traditions of burlesque and music hall into today’s performance culture, Lilikoi can offer any party something fun and fantastic.