Delia is one of Britain’s top contortionists, receiving national television and press coverage, working throughout the UK and Worldwide.

Delia performs the act “Jewel” with her cousin “Daniela Zocchi”. They have been training and working together since the ages of five and six

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Show options-
Jewel-This act has been performed worldwide at many corporate events and received television and press coverage throughout their career. This act can also be adapted to suit any theme, and is performed on a 6X8 FT table with a duration of six minutes.

The Madness of Alice- The Cheshire Cat sits above the guests in a hoop which is set as though resting in a tree while performing agile moves with of course a huge grin. Alice performs a contortion act finishing by drinking the ‘Drink Me’ bottle resulting by squeezing inside the small 17” x 17” x 21” house. The Queen of hearts is performed by an actress as a walkabout by meeting and greeting guests. Our Mad Hatter performs an amazing juggling act with plates and tea cups in a set of the Mad Hatters tea party. The White rabbit can work two types of acts. Performing bouncy stilts or performing on foot then climbing into the air to perform an aerial act on white silks.

Additional characters: Tweedel Dum and Tweedel Dee performing a comedy acrobatic/ acrobalance act using a mini trampette. The Dormouse in a giant tea cup The March Hare as meet and greet.

This theme can be used as a full 30 minute show or as individual themed acts and walkabout.