Circus Workshops

As one of the most effective sessions for team building, we would like to encourage your team to run away to the circus – but just for one day.

We will bring the course leader and all the necessary equipment – and even the big top if there is space – for a session to encourage cooperation and coordination. With multiple benefits for physical performance, mental dexterity and personal confidence, one of our workshops can be guided to your requirements in a fun and effective way.

Stilt walking, juggling, diablo, poi, hula hoop, devil stick and tightrope are among the elements on offer to increase the concentration, information retention and reaction times of the participants.

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Some proven benefits;

  • improved academic skills and cardio performance
  • boosts to self-confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem
  • augmented performance and risk assessment skills
  • reinforced patience, persistence and poise
  • enhanced spatial awareness and peripheral vision
  • upscaled timing, rhythm and focus

it’s also a great cardio workout exercise!