Flesh Zombies & B-Movie Mummies

Mummies. Straight out of a B-Movie and direct to your A-list event. A truly rotten band of bound bodies.

Having risen from their ancient grave this band of rotten relics are ready to wreak havoc at your event. Hire these B-Movie Mummies and they even come complete with their set of instruments, each as fully bandaged as the mummies. Watch as they begin their own special brand of demonic dancing; eyes glowing red and back from the dead.

Our Flesh Zombies are not for the faint-hearted this act is among the scariest available for hire at your party. Fully sculpted, head to toe transformation ensures this ghastly gang will add a horrific edge to the event and something nightmare-worthy for your guests to remember. Who wouldn’t want a group of reanimated, fleshless human corpses with muscles, tissues and rotten chunks of skin all proudly on display walking among their crowd? This zombie troupe offer full effect when they start their act as motionless statues before coming to life, chasing guests in their quest for……?

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Flesh Zombies
Without question the scariest costumes we have ever built.

Fully sculpted head to toe latex bodysuits depicting human bodies with most of the skin pulled off. All anatomically correct showing muscles and sinews with small lumps of skin and hair hanging here and there. Excellent as a walkabout act but they really excel as human statues on an entrance – standing perfectly still on a plinth then jumping off and chasing after people when they pass – expect screams a plenty!