Stilt Walkers

The Mariposa

mariposa stilt walkers act

These are some of the brightest and beautiful members of our stilt family

Available in green / blue / red / gold / yellow / purple / black and bursting to flex their wings take flight, each one has her own styleand personality

Fancy Foliage

christmas trees fancy foliage

Another beautiful in-house creation unique to JenTheRoo Events.

Adorned with Sharovski crystals and fairy lights from top to toe!
The fancy foliage peg-stilt duo are a classy addition to our fabulous Christmas themed acts.
Perfect for meet and greet at any festive occasion.

LED Snow Queen

led snow queen stiltwalker

Our beautiful swarovski crystal covered LED snow queen stilt walker. With the addition of a new innovative lighting system from illuminar designs

Programme the LED’s of our snow queen stilt walker to match your brand or mood.

The Glitter Belles

glitter belles stiltwalkers

Sculptural creations inspired by 1970’s disco combined with avant-garde fashion, designed for impact.

Whether ground based serving drinks or glitter sprinkling and ripping up the dance floor on stilts, the Glitter Belles are guaranteed to create something of a stir.
Each costume has inbuilt light balls giving off an opulent glow and LEDs to create a shimmering mirror ball effect from the headdress.

The Satyrs

satyrs stiltwalkers stilt walking act

Austere, dignified and very regal, The Satyrs are half human, half goat characters. Their bodies are painted gold and they have manes of long white hair, and thick, white fur covered haunches. These furtive characters are both cheeky and flirtatious, and with feathers at the ready, they will tickle, cajole and tempt passers by.

On the power skip stilts, these three dynamic performers can also leap over each other, pirouette and jump up to six feet in height. You will never have seen anything of their like before!

Not to be mythed!

Lady In Red

lady in red stiltwalker

The lovely lavish Lady in Red stilt walker. Perfect for Valentines meet and greet. Originally commissioned for Ascot’s ladies day she was such a success with everyone that she is now one of the most popular valentines acts!

Book the lovely walkabout stilt walking Lady in Red for your special event and feel the love as she greets your guests with her magical smile

Moulin Rouge

maulin rouge stilt walking act

Moulin Rouge at it’s finest.One of our most popular in house stilt creations.

Bringing all the flamboyance and glamour of Paris’s most famous night life temple.

Olympics/ Sporting

olympic stilt walking act

The stilt walkers importance in promotion and entertainment is undeniable and we can supply a host of wonderful characters and costumes for you to choose from.

Working closely with skilled designers, our in-house range covers a wide spectrum of styles and ideas. We are internationally renowned for creating outfits to cater for any occasion or theme.

Average running time: 45 Mins

Bo – Peep and her Bouncy Sheep

bo peep stilt walking act 3

Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep and doesn’t know where to find him!

A lively double act, full of fun and perfect for the children as our little shepherdess searches high and low.


Nautical themed stilt walking duo.

Tall sailors for tall ships, and they don’t come much taller than this pair.


amazonia stilt walking act

A stunningly dressed group of dancing stilt walkers in handmade feathery costumes and just look at their wingspan!

Our feathered Rio-Carnival style stilt girls are quite simply the most beautiful costumes we’ve created, handmade using over 150 individual feathers in each one and with an impressive wingspan they are a sight to behold.


calvos stilt walking act

Exquisite combination of Stilt walkers and Crystal Ball Jugglers.

This shiny-headed four piece act offers an exquisite act that combines stilts, visuals and crystal balls. The surreal spectacle of skilful contact juggling and sublime costumes can mesmerise a crowd.

High Society

high society stilt walking act

Fun costumed characters that take you on a trip down memory lane to a bygone era and add an elegance and prestige to any modern day event.

High Society – glamour from a past age – all wigs and winks – the perfect stilt act to hire for literary and historical events.

Circus Belles

circus belles stilt walking act

Fresh, funky and definitely colourful!
The beautiful and crazy Circus Belles are in town!

Bold and beautiful, colourful and funky, these two girls are an elegant addition to your circus cabaret

Cyber Sprite & Zens

cyberspace stilt walking act

Totally unique to JenTheRoo Events.
Fabulous and Futuristic stilt walker with ground based walkabout Zens.

Our unique contribution to science fiction, an otherworldly team of costumed party invaders sent from the future.

Feathered Birds

feathered birds stilt walking act

Beautiful feathered birds brought to you by the Meddling Pixies.

A couple of flirtatious, feathered costumes to delight any occasion

Forest Fairies

forest fairy stilt walking act

Beautiful forest fairy stilt walkers brought to you from the Amazing area team.

Beautiful, magical sprites, decorated by nature in its most luxurious.


geishas stilt walking act

Two traditionally attired, oversized Geishas bring a gentle elegance to your event.

With traditional finishings and make-up these Geisha’s are ideal for a gentle meet and greet.

Giants of Rock

rock giants stilt walking act

We have all the giants of rock on stilts for your event!

– Five of the most famous rock stars of all time in the giant stature their fame deserves.

Gandalf & Fairy

fairy gandalf stilt walking act 1

Gandalf the great stilt walking character.
Commissioned for the Harry Potter movie launch in London.

A fantastic fantasy double act from a different time and place

Peter Pan

peter pan stilt walker act

Peter pan themed stilt walker brought to you by those Meddling pixies.

The boy who never grew up has really grown up now.

Ballooning modelling Clown

ballooning clown stilt walkers

The lovely Jen not only stilt walks but makes balloon models too!

Perfect for engaging the little ones is our balloon modelling clown, Jen. Brightly coloured entertainment for all ages.

The Raggy Dolls

halloween stilt walking act

The horrible Raggy Dolls are here! Fantastically disturbing duo.

For Halloween and more, with a scary soundtrack and a taste for mischief and mayhem.


ostriches stilt walk

Larger than life Ostriches with Biggles the rider!

A pair of giant birds run amok while their Biggles style riders try in vain to regain control of the frantic feathered fiends.

The Top Bananas

top bananas stilt walk band-1

We are a group of stilt-walking musicians who have brought all of our experience in performing as part of other companies into our own stilt walking band.

When was the last time you saw a band on stilts? Exactly! Well we have one here for you. This band performs a fun selection of classic party tunes – funk, ska, rock & roll and disco – in a wide variety of costumes.


christmas stilt walking act

At JenTheRoo Events we have a whole host of Festive themed stilt walkers and ground based acts.

From an illuminated Snow Queen to oversized Elf helpers decked in jingle bells, the festive season is always larger than life on stilts

Rio Olympics 2016 Stiltwalkers

rio carnival stiltwalking duo

Our Rio 2016 Olympic stilt walkers. Specially created for this years Carnival fun, our authentic Brazilian costumes are perfect for your Rio Olympic themed party or event

The full flavour of carnival, bright, eye-catching costumes and samba smiles. New and improved for this years sporting events, our costumes have been designed by a Brazillian costume creator.