Oz Star Airlines

Come fly with us on OzStar Airlines presenting First Class In-flight Entertainment

An adaptable street theatre act, Stacey and Tracey offer the finest in skilled inflight entertainment of the type you will never see as you depart for your holidays. Please fasten your seatbelts, place your tray tables in an upright position and prepare for take-off with this high-flying comedic duo.

These two professionals are able to perform their hula hoop, juggling, comedy, balance and juggling routines in almost any arena as a sideshow or the main event. Including a run through the safety procedures, the airline merchandise and the rules and regulations of the flight, these trolly dollies are guaranteed to help your event take off.

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With plenty of unexpected turbulence, these high flying ladies do meet high altitudes just before landing when Tracey performs the 5 hula hoop split while standing on Stacey’s shoulders.

The show is available for festivals, cabarets, circus tents, conference venues. The show can be performed almost anywhere so please contact us if you have queries about a venue.