The Acro-Chaps

The Acro-Chaps are David, Tony and Jamie – and very dashing young men they are!

Vintage showmen of the highest calibre, the Acro-Chaps offer an athletic three man display of strength, bravery and handsome facial hair.

Offering classic Britishness with a long list of retro costume themes, this trio involve the guests with participation and a strong line in witty banter. What civilised gathering would be complete without 3 moustachioed muscle men running amok?

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Victorian Strongmen

Hailing from the golden age of music hall we are indeed proud to present the strongmen ‘Victor’, ‘Ian’ and their younger brother ‘Barnaby.’
Both on the ground and up in the air on the high trapeze the ‘Strong Brothers’ will perform extraordinary feats of strength, daring and balance.

The City Slickers
Forget about balancing the books, these guys are able to balance on just about anything.

Our cohort of “City Slickers” is ideal for creating a stir at any event.
Dressed in business suits and splendid bowler hats, they blend in with the crowd until they begin incredible displays of acrobatics.
They are very interactive, often persuading people from the crowd into helping them out with their acrobatic antics, usually to the
delight of all around!

Other acts include-
Circus Strongmen
Super Mario Bros
Funky Santas