Fat 45

Fat 45 make everybody dance, and I mean everybody!

Arriving with a sure fire guarantee to get ‘em sweaty, Fat45 mix up the juke joint jump jams and the roadhouse rhythm and blues to bring the boogie and the woogie to your event.

This is some of the coolest, timeless jive music you will bear witness to, and your party guests will be singing and swinging all the way home. The full band is an eleven strong team of jivers; suited, booted and rhythm rooted to bring an authentic rock, roll and soul session to remember.

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Hip-hopists cant stop. And people who didn’t even know they liked this music? Well yeah, they’re easy to please. How do we know? ‘Cos we rocked em all, thats how, you need to check this mess live, cos you don’t know, till you know!

So cut some rug to a righteous jive that comes on like gangbusters? Blow your wig to the boogie woogie beat!

Get your glad rags on, grab your duke or duchess and get down to where Fat 45, are ripping it up. Tell ’em your soul sent ya.

We serve only the finest jump jams, laying the honkin’est barrelhouse rhythm & blues on yo. It ‘aint sweet, its sweaty, it ‘aint fragrant, its stinko! It aint nothing but a party baby!