Justin Rushmore

Justin Rushmore dj

Ever since earning his stripes as a mobile DJ in the 80s, Justin Rushmore has been filling dancefloors with his mix of the credible and the accessible.

As Soul Of Man, his nineties and noughties recording name, Justin reached worldwide audiences on radio airwaves and in person while running his Finger Lickin’ label that sold more than a million records.

Desert Ivan Discs

Desert Ivan Discs dj

With an unusual speciality – in this day and age – of music for partner dancing, Ivan has hours and
hours of Swing, Latin and Ballroom classics for your event.

Moving effortlessly between vintage and
modern, this man’s sets will always bring an elegantly sociable element to any party. Vastly
experienced as both a disc jockey and a compere; weddings, birthdays and of course bar mitzvahs have sat alongside worldwide corporate events in his schedule.

Dj Lornegerie

Dj Lornegerie

A truly global phenomenon, this eclectic music selector has been plying his trade from Adelaide to
Aberdeen for over a decade.

As DJ at, and often creator/ curator of, a string of original club nights
and festivals he has willingly provided the soundtrack to numerous street theatre, art events and
eclectic after hours shenanigans.

Radio Barkas

Radio Barkas dj act

Proudly known as the smallest radio station in The Netherlands, the Radio Barkas have taken their
studio – a vintage DDR Barkas, of course – to a whole host of international art, theatre and music

Providers of either suitable aged background music or guaranteed classic dance floor
fillers, the collective are educational as well as irresistible. The crew have become known for their
sublime selections of authentically crackly vinyl from the 50 s and 60s, rock n’ roll, ska, mambo and
more, thou rations of modern popular music.