The Acro-Chaps

acrobats act acrobatics acrochaps elves

The Acro-Chaps are David, Tony and Jamie – and very dashing young men they are!

Vintage showmen of the highest calibre, the Acro-Chaps offer an athletic three man display of strength, bravery and handsome facial hair.


simon trapeze aerialst

Simon has a number of high level solo and duo aerial acts to offer, along with bespoke multi-act entertainment packages created specifically for touring shows, weddings, corporate parties, club nights and other event

From Simon’s UK’s first aerial LED cube act and aerial Tango act to his comedy and bespoke trapeze, Simon will thrill you and your guests with his aerialist talent


act aerialist tink valentine

Tink is an extraordinary aerialist who uses her professional dance training to the full to add a magical and sometimes ethereal quality to her performances.

Another of our innovative aerial acts, Tink, has evolved her graceful hoop routines by creating the concept of ‘La Luna.’

Mr Will

mr will aerialist act

Mr Will is an highly skilled aerialist specialising in rope and silks. He has trained for many years and has performed and taught all over the UK, Europe and in Australia, and currently teaches for The National Centre for Circus Arts.
He was the winner of Circus Maximus 2014 and UK Aerial Championships 2016.

Will has a range of acts ready and available for performance and can create bespoke acts to suit all forms of entertainment, from parties to corporate functions.


jo aerialist silks and hoops act

Jo is a multi-disciplinary circus performer, specialising in Aerial Hoop. Other skills include Silks, Rope, Static Trapeze, Contortion and Contortion Duet.

Jo can cater to any event with experience in corporate events, weddings, cabaret and club.


act aerialist marco berlin

The aerial strap act of Marco Noury displays in a unique way the symbol of ultimate bodyart and pure esthetics!

One of our most popular international artists is Marco Noury from Berlin, Germany. His aerial strap act is simple in equipment but looks almost impossible in execution.

Laura Cork Aerialist entertainer

act aerialist laura

Hailing from Sheffield, Laura Cork is a circus artist of international acclaim. With her vivacious energy and a plethora of skills, she has captivated audiences across the globe.

Bring Laura Cork to your event and you will be hiring an international circus artist with a long list of skills that will leave audiences entranced.


balloon modellers ritchie

Ritchie will bring fun and smiles to any event with his wonderful array of balloon modelling creations.

An act that has appeared widely on stage and TV, hiring Ritchie brings an energetic element to traditional balloon modelling from an Equity member with a show to suit all audiences.

The Inflate-a-Belles

balloon modellers modelling act

Charming and highly skilled, the Inflate-a-Belles are a balloon twisting force to be reckoned with.

Adding a glamorous touch to the tradition of balloon modelling, the Inflate-a-belles are interactive performers to engage a crowd. This entertaining and involving show is best presented as a group (from 2 to 6) and will be a memorable addition to any corporate gathering, wedding or party.

Miss Ballooniverse

ms Balloonisverse balloon modeller-1

Miss Ballooniverse – Balloon Artist To The Stars

Miss Ballooniverse travels the world injecting colour, glamour and fun into parties and events with favourite characters, outrageous costumes, elegant jewellery and caricatures – all made from balloons of course!

A real showstopper with a vast array of balloon model creations to fit the mood perfectly at any occasion, there will be something for all ages.


balloon modellers jenny

As one or more of her colourful characters, Jenny includes the crowd balloon modelling expertise and vibrant personality.

All types of promotional events, fairs and parties have previously been entertained – especially when presented with the arrival of a stilt –walking balloon modeller – contact us to find out more.

The Gangster Show

the gangster show caberet act

A Vaudevillian cabaret double act for the modern era – The Gangster Show brings you all the excitement of the 1920’s prohibition era with fine tailored suits and a tiny gangster car.

Perfect for circus cabaret, variety shows, stage shows,1920’s theme events and corporate dinner shows.

Punjeet and Judy-Gee

Punjeet judy-gee punch and judy act uk

Britain’s First Asian Punch & Judy Performer, Professor Patel’s Bollywood Punjeet and Judy-gee Show!

An imaginitive modern day twist on the traditional Punch and Judy.The show follows the travails of Punjeet as he tries to be a good husband and father, failing miserably.

Miss Behave

miss behave

Mistress of Ceremonies ~ Eccentric Comedienne ~ Speciality Act ~ Swordswallower

An opportunity to hire an award-winning, crowd-controlling hostess supreme for your event.

Average running time: 2mins -10mins



Romany provides a colourful and glamorous alternative to the traditional Toastmaster for weddings, balls & awards ceremonies, bringing magic, professional organised timing and ooomph! to the party.

A memorable character to guide your guests through the order of proceedings, Romany does an original spin on a traditional role, that of the Toastmaster.

Chris Creswell

chris cresswell

A highly skilled improviser, performer and compere with 15 years of experience.

With over 15 years of experience, this act has performed all over the world from festivals to comedy clubs and all points in between.

Jo Foley

jo foley broken doll contortionist

Jo also has a number of floor-based talents. She is an extremely flexible artist with a background in gymnastics and a high quality stage presence. She combines these skills to create breath-taking contortion acts.

Jo bends and twist her body into eye-popping positions and sure to add the wow factor to any event. She even has a stunning centre piece chandelier table that will bring glitz and glamour to your event – Check out the video below.


contortionist act delia

Delia is one of Britain’s top contortionists, receiving national television and press coverage, working throughout the UK and Worldwide.

Delia performs the act “Jewel” with her cousin “Daniela Zocchi”. They have been training and working together since the ages of five and six


contortionist act jess and jen

Jennifer is one of the most flexible contortionists in the UK. She performs the most extreme and amazing backbends which very few other british contortionists are able to achieve.

This is a lady that travels the world to bend over backwards and is regarded as one of the most flexible contortionists in the UK.


contortionist act lisa

Comedy Contortion: Enjoy watching Lisa tie herself in knots! She squeezes herself through a mini hula hoop, 12 inches of cold hard steel, in the most ridiculous ways possible!

A lady who specialises in contortion with a comedy twist, she bends herself in half to squeeze through spaces she has no right to get through.

Average running time: 3.30 mins

Show Girl Entertainment

show girl entertainmenters

Exquisite entertainment that exceeds all expectations…

Showgirl Entertainment consists of a troupe of up to 10 stunning dancers of the highest caliber recruited across the UK.
With an array of sumptuous feather costumes, lavish shimmering sets and larger than life props!

Ragroof Theatre

dance act ragroof theatre

Tea Dances
: Ragroof Theatre host stylish afternoon tea dances for all ages and levels of experience.

The themed Tea Dances brought to you by the Ragroof Players offer a truly unique experience as the players in costume and character take you and your guests back to by-gone eras.

Fire/Angle Grinding Shows

fire angle grinding performers

Fire always creates an elemental and exciting atmosphere at any event.

Our fire artists are all highly experienced flame handlers and know exactly how to present the very best experience from single meet and greet solos to double acts through to a fully choreographed and spectacular finale

Flame Show

flame act show performer

Explosive Fire Dancing at its Finest

This hugely experienced fire act can provide an explosive centre piece for your grand event.

Origin Fire Show

origin fire show

Showcasing a group of 4 fire dancers in a synchronised and balletic performance, when you hire Origin for your event you get an expertly designed 12 minute act.

The combination of skills, equipment and passion for what we do, really brings a exciting performance to any event.


hire sorcha juggler juggling act

Entertainment with Balls! Make your event truly memorable… for all the right reasons.

Sorcha Ra is an in-demand entertainer of the highest quality. Her dazzling contact juggling skills, energy and sense of fun will make sure your guests experience joy, wonderment and excitement.

Mr Watts

mr watts juggler juggling act

Mr Watts, a Cheltenham based professional international stilt walker and circus skills performer.

Since graduating with a degree in Drama, Film and Television he has worked in the entertainment industry, bringing his energetic interactive characters and skills to varied audiences.

Mr Pemberton

juggler act mr pemberton

Stewart Pemberton – Juggler, Tap Dancer & Percussion

A tap dancer since childhood thanks to family connections, Stewart is a veteran of a long list of performances at prestigious worldwide events.


juggler act jebb

Jebb the juggler is a highly skilled juggler and entertainer.
Jugging with clubs,balls,fire and knives are his speciality!

An excellent choice to roam your event showcasing Jebb’s well-honed meet and greet expertise, this is an act which combines several elements of classic circus skills.

The Usherettes

usherettes hostess event entertainment

With fantastic games our fabulous usherette hostesses are perfect to entertain your guests – Perfect as ice-breakers or simply to mingle as after dinner walkabout fun!

These hand picked quality performers instinctively know how to engage with any crowd or situation.
Perfect to distribute your own products or promotional items at your event too!


hostess act gabby

Gabby has many years experience working as a Grid Girl, having successfully worked this role since 2010. Gabby has supported Bike teams in both the British Superbikes and the World Superbikes.

The most recent grid roles to date were for the Formula 1, British Grand Prix 2014 and Moto GP 2014. Both of these roles were for the sponsors of the events.
Previous teams/sponsors worked for include Yamaha, Honda, Ducati and Renault.


pippin hostess model

Pippin brings a touch of glamour to your event. A lovely, vivaciuos and friendly hostess, Pippin will be perfect for your event or promotion.

Pippin has been hostessing and modelling for many years with a wide range of experience working for an extensive range of brands and clients.


hostess performer jen

Extraordinary hostess

Jen’s professional, versatile and magnetic personality will add a magical quality to your event.

Miss Revolver

hula hoop act chichi revolver

The latest craze and we have the very best working at the moment, available for stage show and walkabout, this is a great party act perfect for most celebrations, we can also offer fun workshops.

By perfectly combining the worlds of circus, cabaret and burlesque, this act has a show for every occasion – from the family friendly to the fairly fruity.


hula hoop act lisa

Lisa Lottie is a highly skilled,world class hula hoop artist.

With a degree in the circus arts and a professional career of global performances, Lisa brings skill, artistry and precision to her world class act.

Average running time: 5 mins


hula hoop act lilikoi

Minnie the Moocher- This hula-hoops routine creates the mood of early burlesque traditions with a modern edge.

Bringing the age old traditions of burlesque and music hall into today’s performance culture, Lilikoi can offer any party something fun and fantastic.

Lord & Lady Bloom

Lord and Lady Bloom human statues

Human Statue/visual walkabout. This stunningly floral themed act contains over 2000 flowers giving it a vibrant & outstanding look.

This non-verbal act can work as beautiful human statues or as a gentle meandering walkabout creating multiple photo opportunities for your guests.


pamela living human statues-1

These amazing Human Statues by Pamela have been amazing audiences worldwide for over 18 years, and from the most experienced Living Statue company in the U.K. These beautiful Live Statues are a great form of entertainment at any event. Your guests will get the surprise of their lives when these stone statues suddenly wink or tap them on the shoulder!

We have a vast range of Living Statues available to suit most themes. Bespoke statues can be created to fit individual requirements.

Dare Statues

human statue performer dare

Dare present their beautiful acrobatic statues for ambient entertainment during an event. Up on their 1m high plinth Dare are motionless, frozen into statues.

Displaying their art of stillness upon a 1 metre high plinth, these installations gradually evolve their statues during their show.

Mr Maverick

human statue performer mannequins

Jason is a multi-skilled entertainer based in London.
A mime artist and contact juggling specialist, he zigzags between corporate entertainment and street theatre events.

Equally at home as a corporate entertainer or street style performer, Mr Maverick has an array of statues that have even beguiled the Royal family at some of the Queen’s parties.

Whispering Trees Statues

human statue whispering trees

Brilliant either side of an entrance, watch the queue jump!

For an extra special queue stress buster, hire two trees to entertain the waiting people.

The Living Archway

decor living archway

A Human statue installation incorporating two girls seemingly floating in mid air.

A more than memorable addition to your event décor, this installation creates a celestial ‘floating’ archway suspended from a dressed steel frame.


human-statue-performer mermaid

Human statues in any design. Ideally placed at the entrance of a venue / room, realistic living statues will remain motionless through all distractions – until they shockingly come to life!

Commissions are readily accepted, meaning your statue can be exclusively tailored or branded.

Oliver Tabor

magician oliver tabor magic entertainer

A multi-award winning member of the Magic Circle, Oliver is a London and Essex based magician and illusionist

He provides the best of entertainment for corporate dinners, cruise ships, product launches, promotions, weddings, theatre shows, television, radio and private functions for over 15 years.

Diva of Magic

magician-performer diva of magic

Britain’s Leading Female Stage & Cabaret Magician! (She does a mean close-up set too!)

From magical cabaret stage shows to up-close-and-personal sleight –of-hand trickery, this is a lady that has the range covered. Another of our award winning acts, Romany will add a touch of international acclaim to your party.

Paul Zenon

magician-performer paul zenon

The UK’s number one cutting-edge comedy magician, with appearances from Channel 4 Con Man to the Comedy Store, Hollywood to Bollywood, and countless corporate events to Countdown.

Widely known after almost 30 years of experience and at least 300 TV performances, with this act you’re definitely hiring a name act for your event.

Face Painters

face painting make-up artist-uk

We are proud to represent award winning face painting by NamNams!
Face painting is suitable for any event where children are there to have fun or where they need to be entertained!

As one of the best there is, Nam Nam consistently takes face painting to extra levels and that’s why she has won awards for her creations. Able to offer real works of art on your guests’ skin, adaptable to any occasion and any theme, this body art can be an exciting feature at any event.

Body Painting / Make-up

body painting make-up artist

BECTU registered with over a decade industry experience, we are able to offer an array of different makeup based solutions to best suit the occasion.

With a strong eye for detail and interest in conceptual design, the work often reflects fantastical realities and ideas with high impact results.

TV Heads Multi-Media

multi media performers tv-heads

Bizarre walkabout characters; part man, part telly.

Really get partygoers talking by hiring these characters to walk around your event because it’s not often they will get to meet this strange kind of part man/ part TV hybrid.

TV Wartburg

multi media performers tv wartburg

TV Wartburg – The smallest mobile outdoor cinema and the most remarkable game station in the Netherlands.

Presenting the smallest mobile outdoor cinema we know. With a screen based out of a 120cm 60s car, TV Wartburg offers a highly original method to promote to or engage with an audience.

Olympic Bronze Statue

olympic themed statue act

Olympic themed bronze slow motion torch bearing athletes.

Devised and performed by Jason,a former junior international athlete & 1st prize winner of the Rotterdam International Street Theatre Awards.

Torch Bearers

olympic-themed torch bearers act

Two glamourous Grecian white satin gowns embellished by hand with gold leaf and swarovski crystals.

Complete with fire torches these beautiful stilt walkers are ideal for meet and greet for that ultimate Olympic themed event.

Olympic Walkabout

olympic themed walkabout act

Take your pick from Greek goddesses on stilts, to Olympic statues, to aerial artists and comedy walkabouts.

whatever your event requires in this Olympic year we are only too happy to create something for you to complement your event.

Witless Fitness Olympic Team

olympic themed witness fitness act

Led by a madcap personal trainer these three physios/coaches are on a mission to raise the UK’s fitness levels.

They think everything is an Olympic event, so they invade the street to encourage those they think are flagging or to offer some personal fitness pointers.


party pappers

The UK’s ‘go-to’ paps are after you tonight!

You might have added touches of Hollywood glamour to your event but what about that other side of fame? Everybody will feel like real celebs while our paparazzi act patrol the entrance to your party.

The Rollababes

the rolla babes skate act rollababes

The amazing Rollababes can meet, greet and even waitress too.

They can serve champagne on skates or thrill your guests as the up the vibe of your party or event! Professional dancers on skates – They dance, play, roll around and entertain your guests.

Fresh ‘n’ Fancy

fresh n fancy skating act

Fresh ‘n’ fancy roller skaters bring a touch of class to any event.

Perfect for festive or 50’s themed events.By night their beautiful ornate headpieces and dresses light up.

2 Phat Chicks

Rollers skateing 2Phat Chicks act

Nothing says Easter more than the Chick.
So, we have two of them on LED Roller skates!

Accompanied by old skool choonz to add to the Phat-ness.
We can assure you there will be smiles all round when these two fly by!

The Skating Aratas

roller act Skating Aratas

The Skating Aratas act is performed by wife and husband duo Victor and Jenny Arata, the acrobatic skating routine is on a custom made 2×2 meter round platform.

A husband and wife duo with at least 18 years intense training and experience, this show is about velocity precision and trick s that make you go wow.

Meddling Roller Girls

meddling roller girls act

High energy acrobatic and filled with glamour, these girls on wheels will provide a racy and rare boost to any promotional or corporate event

For energetic and fun filled entertainment on wheels, these girls are a must to hire. Bright costumes and whirring skates speed amongst the crowd leaving a trial of smiles in their wake.

Candy Roller Girls

candy roller girls

Sassy girls with smiles and twirls, sweetness and spice, to amuse and delight.

Vivid coloured costumes blur past, all spinning swirls and leaping legs. Light hearted and interactive, the Candy Roller Girls are able to bring sweetness, spice and sass in the required doses, whatever the event.

The Mariposa

mariposa stilt walkers act

These are some of the brightest and beautiful members of our stilt family

Available in green / blue / red / gold / yellow / purple / black and bursting to flex their wings take flight, each one has her own styleand personality

Fancy Foliage

christmas trees fancy foliage

Another beautiful in-house creation unique to JenTheRoo Events.

Adorned with Sharovski crystals and fairy lights from top to toe!
The fancy foliage peg-stilt duo are a classy addition to our fabulous Christmas themed acts.
Perfect for meet and greet at any festive occasion.

LED Snow Queen

led snow queen stiltwalker

Our beautiful swarovski crystal covered LED snow queen stilt walker. With the addition of a new innovative lighting system from illuminar designs

Programme the LED’s of our snow queen stilt walker to match your brand or mood.

The Glitter Belles

glitter belles stiltwalkers

Sculptural creations inspired by 1970’s disco combined with avant-garde fashion, designed for impact.

Whether ground based serving drinks or glitter sprinkling and ripping up the dance floor on stilts, the Glitter Belles are guaranteed to create something of a stir.
Each costume has inbuilt light balls giving off an opulent glow and LEDs to create a shimmering mirror ball effect from the headdress.

The Satyrs

satyrs stiltwalkers stilt walking act

Austere, dignified and very regal, The Satyrs are half human, half goat characters. Their bodies are painted gold and they have manes of long white hair, and thick, white fur covered haunches. These furtive characters are both cheeky and flirtatious, and with feathers at the ready, they will tickle, cajole and tempt passers by.

On the power skip stilts, these three dynamic performers can also leap over each other, pirouette and jump up to six feet in height. You will never have seen anything of their like before!

Not to be mythed!

Lady In Red

lady in red stiltwalker

The lovely lavish Lady in Red stilt walker. Perfect for Valentines meet and greet. Originally commissioned for Ascot’s ladies day she was such a success with everyone that she is now one of the most popular valentines acts!

Book the lovely walkabout stilt walking Lady in Red for your special event and feel the love as she greets your guests with her magical smile

Moulin Rouge

maulin rouge stilt walking act

Moulin Rouge at it’s finest.One of our most popular in house stilt creations.

Bringing all the flamboyance and glamour of Paris’s most famous night life temple.

Olympics/ Sporting

olympic stilt walking act

The stilt walkers importance in promotion and entertainment is undeniable and we can supply a host of wonderful characters and costumes for you to choose from.

Working closely with skilled designers, our in-house range covers a wide spectrum of styles and ideas. We are internationally renowned for creating outfits to cater for any occasion or theme.

Average running time: 45 Mins

Bo – Peep and her Bouncy Sheep

bo peep stilt walking act 3

Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep and doesn’t know where to find him!

A lively double act, full of fun and perfect for the children as our little shepherdess searches high and low.


Nautical themed stilt walking duo.

Tall sailors for tall ships, and they don’t come much taller than this pair.


amazonia stilt walking act

A stunningly dressed group of dancing stilt walkers in handmade feathery costumes and just look at their wingspan!

Our feathered Rio-Carnival style stilt girls are quite simply the most beautiful costumes we’ve created, handmade using over 150 individual feathers in each one and with an impressive wingspan they are a sight to behold.


calvos stilt walking act

Exquisite combination of Stilt walkers and Crystal Ball Jugglers.

This shiny-headed four piece act offers an exquisite act that combines stilts, visuals and crystal balls. The surreal spectacle of skilful contact juggling and sublime costumes can mesmerise a crowd.

High Society

high society stilt walking act

Fun costumed characters that take you on a trip down memory lane to a bygone era and add an elegance and prestige to any modern day event.

High Society – glamour from a past age – all wigs and winks – the perfect stilt act to hire for literary and historical events.

Circus Belles

circus belles stilt walking act

Fresh, funky and definitely colourful!
The beautiful and crazy Circus Belles are in town!

Bold and beautiful, colourful and funky, these two girls are an elegant addition to your circus cabaret

Cyber Sprite & Zens

cyberspace stilt walking act

Totally unique to JenTheRoo Events.
Fabulous and Futuristic stilt walker with ground based walkabout Zens.

Our unique contribution to science fiction, an otherworldly team of costumed party invaders sent from the future.

Feathered Birds

feathered birds stilt walking act

Beautiful feathered birds brought to you by the Meddling Pixies.

A couple of flirtatious, feathered costumes to delight any occasion

Forest Fairies

forest fairy stilt walking act

Beautiful forest fairy stilt walkers brought to you from the Amazing area team.

Beautiful, magical sprites, decorated by nature in its most luxurious.


geishas stilt walking act

Two traditionally attired, oversized Geishas bring a gentle elegance to your event.

With traditional finishings and make-up these Geisha’s are ideal for a gentle meet and greet.

Giants of Rock

rock giants stilt walking act

We have all the giants of rock on stilts for your event!

– Five of the most famous rock stars of all time in the giant stature their fame deserves.

Gandalf & Fairy

fairy gandalf stilt walking act 1

Gandalf the great stilt walking character.
Commissioned for the Harry Potter movie launch in London.

A fantastic fantasy double act from a different time and place

Peter Pan

peter pan stilt walker act

Peter pan themed stilt walker brought to you by those Meddling pixies.

The boy who never grew up has really grown up now.

Ballooning modelling Clown

ballooning clown stilt walkers

The lovely Jen not only stilt walks but makes balloon models too!

Perfect for engaging the little ones is our balloon modelling clown, Jen. Brightly coloured entertainment for all ages.

The Raggy Dolls

halloween stilt walking act

The horrible Raggy Dolls are here! Fantastically disturbing duo.

For Halloween and more, with a scary soundtrack and a taste for mischief and mayhem.


ostriches stilt walk

Larger than life Ostriches with Biggles the rider!

A pair of giant birds run amok while their Biggles style riders try in vain to regain control of the frantic feathered fiends.


christmas stilt walking act

At JenTheRoo Events we have a whole host of Festive themed stilt walkers and ground based acts.

From an illuminated Snow Queen to oversized Elf helpers decked in jingle bells, the festive season is always larger than life on stilts

Rio Olympics 2016 Stiltwalkers

rio carnival stiltwalking duo

Our Rio 2016 Olympic stilt walkers. Specially created for this years Carnival fun, our authentic Brazilian costumes are perfect for your Rio Olympic themed party or event

The full flavour of carnival, bright, eye-catching costumes and samba smiles. New and improved for this years sporting events, our costumes have been designed by a Brazillian costume creator.

Exotic Snake Dancing Act

snake dancer acts

An exotic, sensual and unusual act, this will certainly live in your memory as our charming female handlers walkabout in costume with real live snakes.

Real, live snakes in the room will never fail to set the tongues wagging. By selecting a Snake Dance act for your show you will ensure your guests have something unusual to talk about on the way home.

The Mad Hatter

mat hatter easter bunny walkabout act

The endearing Easter Bunny is chaperoned by a friendly but slightly bonkers character …The Mad Hatter…who is also a hugely experienced children’s entertainer.

They are auditioning for trainee Easter bunnies(for the little ones). Try on bunny ears, practise hopping…and do you want to take a photo with the bunny?
A meeting sure to induce smiles and Easter cheer.
Classical spring music accompanies the pair wherever they go!

Alice In Wonderland

Alice-In-Wonderland walkabout act

One of our most popular in house creations to date.Alice In Wonderland!

Engage your crowd by hiring this expertly costumed group of stilted, and non-stilted, versions of some of the classic storybook characters.

Love Hearts

love hearts walkabout act

Such loveable love hearts! You wont be able to resist falling in love with this act

Perfect for meeting and greeting with warm fluffy hugs or bouncing about with joy & happiness.
The love hearts are highly interactive and ideal for any Valentines event

There are six hearts available with the option of being able to customise for different themes.

The Gift

the gift walkabout theatre act

The cheeky gift brings smiles to all she meets. Ideal for Valentines day, Christmas or any event that needs touch of sparkle. She even has her own themed music to suit the occasion!

Book the gift today and bring some great fun to your event

Sea Sphere

Sea Sphere walkabout show act

Beauty and enchantment surround her as she glides around you, sheltered safely in her giant globe.

Released from the sea only long enough to bring smiles to the faces lucky enough to look upon hers.
Stand captivated when her globe traverses the space, mesmerizing the young and old alike with her undersea performance, complete with dancing seaweed and other creatures of the beautiful deep.
She flaps her tail and encourages her audience to interact with her, to push the big red button on her globe, releasing a spectacle and making the seaweed sway around her.

The Gangsters

gangstas walkabout 1920s act

The Gangsters 1920s ride around in a miniature gangster car playing saxophone, Jazz and trying to be cool.

Every now and then they park up and interact with the audience with circus tricks and amazing juggling skills with bottles, suitcases, chairs and juggling clubs. They even perform some swing dancing with unsuspecting members of the audience.

Living Snow Globe

christmas snow globe walkabout act

Ethereal and magical, the Snow Queen in her snow globe enchants and mesmerizes as she mingles with guests of all ages.

Gliding gracefully through events, she creates her special brand of magic and with it, lasting memories. She encourages all those who gaze upon her to interact with her, be it a glance and a smile, a simple wave or an intimate touch of her ivory hand through her beautiful globe. A simple press of the big, beckoning red button by any curious spectator, fills her world with a spectacular blizzard of snow.

Claude the Comedy Waiter

claude waiter walkabout act

Claude is the idiot waiter who never gets it right!

This character bumbles and fumbles his way around the event as an idiot waiter who never gets it right! At first he will wait for the orders to be placed before unleashing the full Claude mania. Like any other customer service professional he will meet, greet and seat his customers, take orders and attend to their every need.

T.V. Heads

multi media performers tv heads

Bizarre walkabout characters; part man, part telly. Funny thing is, thanks to a camera mounted on the TV, what you see on-screen is yourself – alternating with a video of your choice.

Very puzzling indeed. These avant garde, slightly camp gentlemen make an excellent alternative walkabout for those seeking instant TV stardom. Costumes can be themed accordingly – ie. Zombies playing Horror films.

Flesh Zombies & B-Movie Mummies

flesh zombies walkabout act

Mummies. Straight out of a B-Movie and direct to your A-list event. A truly rotten band of bound bodies.

Having risen from their ancient grave this band of rotten relics are ready to wreak havoc at your event. Hire these B-Movie Mummies and they even come complete with their set of instruments, each as fully bandaged as the mummies. Watch as they begin their own special brand of demonic dancing; eyes glowing red and back from the dead.

The Famous Rubber Band Boy

rubber-band-boy walkabout act

Introducing the freak-liest boy in show business “The Famous Rubberband Boy”. So funny he should have been twins!

Truly unique and a master in his field, the Famous Ruberband Boy is available to hire as entertainment at your party. Operating in the world of rubberband-ology, Shay Horay contorts his face through a series of mutations using our favourite stationery item.

Mr Flanagan

mr flanagan walkabout act

Acrobat extroadinaire , Mr Flanagan has performed with circus oz , the tom tom club amongst many others , his latest creation of high skill meets classic slapstick a la Norman Wisdom.

Bringing an engaging comedy element to his highly skilled acrobatic act, Mr Flanagan has performed his feats of strength, balance and falling over worldwide to great acclaim.

Mr Jones

mr jones walkabout act

The Plastic Fantastic Show. This daring up-grade of the classic escape show will enthral and amaze.

Known far and wide for his claustrophobic Plastic Fantastic Show, Mr Jones has used up literally miles and miles of cling film in pursuit of the oohs and aahs from crowds of amazed onlookers. It’s a modern world update of the classic escapology routine that uses 100 metres of the clear and clingy food wrapping product where Gareth requires audience participation to break free.

Oz Star Airlines

Oz Star Airlines walkabout

Come fly with us on OzStar Airlines presenting First Class In-flight Entertainment

An adaptable street theatre act, Stacey and Tracey offer the finest in skilled inflight entertainment of the type you will never see as you depart for your holidays. Please fasten your seatbelts, place your tray tables in an upright position and prepare for take-off with this high-flying comedic duo.


reuben walkabout act

Reuben is a top class ex Cirque du Soleil acrobat whose love of street performing took him back to the hallowed concrete. He defies gravity and death with acrobatic stunts and balances you need to see to believe.

Now firmly established back in the world of street theatre after touring globally with Cirque du Soleil, Reuben has a show to astound your crowd.

Stretchy Bags

stretchy bags walkabout act

The highly amusing and strange Stretchy Bags.

Fully grown, human sized ‘bags’ with people inside will bring curiosity and high grade humour to your event.

Whispering Trees Walkabout

whispering trees walkabout act

Fabulous walkabout act!
Our Whispering Trees are also Brilliant either side of an entrance, watch the queue jump!

For an extra special queue stress buster, hire two trees to entertain the waiting people. Interactive and full of surprises, this is a unique act that is obviously highly in demand towards Christmas time when they dress up in twinkling lights.

Mad’s Army

mads army walkabout act

This troupe of dog-eared civilian rejects have banded together to defend anywhere against anyone, commanded by an idiot and trained by monkeys, this motley crew will bring a smile to the face of the enemy or anyone watching their feeble attempts to guard against surprise attack.

Can be deployed to defend absolutely anything against the imminent attack of anything else – rest assured that if you don’t tell them what to defend they will simply find something worth defending.

Formula F-un

formula f-un walkabout act

Take a pit stop for pleasure.

A uniformed team of expert life mechanics encourage passers-by to benefit from a personal pit-stop breaking the ice at any event.

Witless Fitness Team

witles fitness walkabout act

Led by a madcap personal trainer these 3 physios/coaches are on a mission to raise the UK’s fitness levels.

This team of personal life coaches are hired to mingle, on a madcap mission to involve the watching crowd in some level of exercise.

Circus Workshops

Circus workshops

As one of the most effective sessions for team building, we would like to encourage your team to run away to the circus – but just for one day.

We will bring the course leader and all the necessary equipment – and even the big top if there is space – for a session to encourage cooperation and coordination. With multiple benefits for physical performance, mental dexterity and personal confidence, one of our workshops can be guided to your requirements in a fun and effective way.

Drumming Workshops

With years of experience in performance and guided workshop activity, the Clatteratti organisation is ideally placed to offer something unique to your organisation.

The percussion sessions are designed to illustrate the twin principles of team work and leadership development within a structured and supportive environment. Through collaboration and creative expression, the drum circle can encourage healthier peer relationships guided towards team achievement through personal expression and a sense of unity.